Keyword Research Tips That Remain Relevant

Any reputable Colorado Springs SEO company will tell you that you want to research the keywords that you are planning to use on your website. It is important that you find options that rank well, but also have limited competition. There is a right way to conduct this research to ensure that the keywords that you end up with are both relevant and have the best chance of making sure that your website ranks well and that you are getting the right amount of traffic.

Create a List

You want to start with some keywords that you think are excellent for your next blog post or article. This will give you what you need to conduct your search. Just jot down some ideas. Keep your readers in mind when you are doing this. If you were going to search for the article or blog you are writing, what would you type into the search engine? This is what you want to write down.


Consider Season Specific

If you are writing on something that is season, you want to tailor your keywords to this. For example, if the holiday season is upon us, millions of people are looking for information about the hottest Christmas gift. If you can work “Christmas” into your keyword string and make it feel natural, this is a good idea. For example, instead of just “girl’s gifts” use “Christmas girl’s gifts.”

Check Out Trending Topics

If you can take advantage of a trending topic, it is an excellent idea that you do this. For example, if the Kardashians are trending and you are writing about fashion or celebrity scandals, it is a no-brainer to relate the information to them in some way. You can begin with the fashion or scandal associated with the Kardashians and then expand upon the topic. This will make it easier to take advantage of the search power of the trending topic, but you will still be able to present the information that you want.

Check Your Old Keywords

Do you have a keyword that tends to perform extremely well? Start doing some research on close variations of it. You do not want to use the same keyword over and over again, but you can change a word or two and this might give you the same power.

You now have the right techniques to ensure that you are conducting the best keyword research. If this process is new to you, it is a good idea to work with a professional Colorado SEO company. They will be able to evaluate what you are doing and offer suggestions to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time.